Tavern Room Rental

Hold your party in our Tavern Room!

Raleigh Brewing Company’s private Tavern Room is a great place for birthday parties, business meetings, wedding receptions or other celebrations.

This space is just off our taproom, with double doors that can be closed for privacy or open to access the fun in the main room. The room holds up to about 40 people. You can bring your own food, have a caterer deliver dinner, or visit our food trucks (check with us for the schedule when renting). Children are allowed during the same hours as our main taproom (not after 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday).

We can provide:

  • A wide-screen TV with hookups for presentations or videos from your laptop.
  • Tall tables and chairs.
  • Six-foot table for your buffet, gifts, displays or other items.
  • BEER! Your guests may order from our taproom bar. DO NOT bring alcohol from other providers.

Tavern Room rental is free, but we ask you to pay a minimum bar tab of $200 and a minimum 18 percent gratuity. This minimum (a $236 total) must be charged to one card, with no individual tabs. Once this minimum is met, you may ask your guests to open their own tabs. You may purchase growlers, six-packs or merchandise if needed to meet the minimum.

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Tavern Rental Contract

Contact Information

This is the person, in your group, who is handling all the details for this booking at RBC
This is the person, in your group, who is handling all the details for this booking at RBC
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Event Specifics

There are two time slots for events. If you are choosing the daytime option, please note that your party must be completely finished with the space at 5:15 pm. This is to ensure that the space can be cleaned before the next party.
Closest estimate of amount of guests you are expecting

The tavern room can hold up to 40 people.

After 9pm on Friday and Saturday, everyone must be over 21.
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